Feb 7, 2012

Brian Dewhurst "THE HUNTER and the HUNTED"

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Jan 9, 2012

David Soul

CD1: 45s & Rarities
1. The Covered Man
2. I Will Warm Your Heart
3. No One's Gonna Cry For You Baby
4. This Train
5. The Road Is Long
6. Ain't No Sunshine
7. I Won't Send Roses
8. Don't Give Up On Us Baby (2005)
9. Jazzman
10. I'll Always Love You
11. Dialogue
12. Seem To Miss So Much (Coalminers Song)
13. The Dutchman (ca 2004)
14. Can't Change My Heart
15. Children Go Where I Send You

CD2: Duets
1. Amoureux Sans Bagages (w. Claire Severac)
2. Catch Me I'm Falling (w. Claire Severac)
3. Dream With Me (w. Claire Severac)
4. La Vie Dansante (w. Claire Severac)
5. Smoke With No Fire (w. Claire Severac)
6. Malibuye (w. Mory Kante)
7. Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang (w. Claire de la Fuente)
8. Yo No Supe Amar
9. Entregate A Mi
10. Nino Della Manana
11. The Holly She Bears A Berry (w. Bobby Sherman)
12. Loving Arms (w. L.Anderson & P.M.Glaser)
13. Wings To Cross The Mountains (w. Debbie Boone)
14. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
15. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
16. The Surrey With The Fringe On The Top (w. C.Moore & A.Cox)
17. People Will Say We're In Love (w. Claire Moore)
18. Poor Jus Is Dead (w. Ken Barrie)
19. Oklahoma! (w. Chorus)

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Who the hell do you think you are releasing my music without my knowledge or permission?!?! 


Jan 3, 2012

Dana Westover

Memorial To Fear (1972)
01. Beginning
02. Dedication
03. Little Flame
04. Crooked Frame Wind
05. The Effigy
06. From A Tower Window
07. Meet Me There
08. Whisper
09. Song To Sally
10. Teacher
11. Everyday



Wow... this must be a masterpiece for us!!
Big thanks to original uploader:) 

Dec 28, 2011

David Soul

Live in Concert (June 8th 1984)
01. Intro
02. Troubadour
03. Silver Lady
04. I'll Always Love You
05. Surrender To Me
06. Tattler
07. Dialogue
08. Mary's Fancy
09. The Count And The Tempest
10. In New Orleans
11. The Fool Or A Preacher
12. Dancin' Jones
13. Interlude
14. Can't We Sit Down And Talk It Over
15. Don't Give Up On Us Baby
16. Piper

Link deleted

Who the hell do you think you are releasing my music without my knowledge or permission?!?! 


Dec 19, 2011

Joe Fagin

Love Hangs By A Thread (1985)

01. Younger Days
02. That's Livin' Alright
03. Love Hangs By A Thread
04. Cry For No One
05. Why Don't We Spend The Night
06. Forever Now
07. Number One (Savin' Face)
08. Annie
09. Time Is A Thief
10. Epitaph For A Drunk
11. Breakin' Away
12. Lonely Night


Thanks always to original uploader:)


Live in Hamburg (1985.04.25)
FM Broadcasted

tracklist is unknown.

DL (fixed)

Thanks to Velvet Thorn for this one:)

Nov 7, 2011

Kevin Johnson

Live in Sidney (1985)

01. Woman You Took My Life
02. Shaney Boy
03. The Next Plane To New Mexico
04. Iridescant Shadows
05. Kedron Brook
06. Over The Hills And Far Away
07. Bonnie Please Dont Go
08. Oleanders
09. Reasons
10. I Came To Somerset
11. Grab The Money And Run
12. Paraguayan Sunset
13. Nightrider
14. I Knew You Sunset
15. Their Song
16. Every Day
17. A Hard Act To Follow
18. Down Hill Run
19. The Sense Of It All
20. Friends Of Mine
21. Scotty
22. Rock & Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life
23. Sunday Morning Roses
24. He Was Just A Boy
25. Rollin'
26. Man Of The 20th Century
27. In The Spirit Of The Times
28. Someday Sam
29. Taking The Long Road Home
30. There's Nothing I'd Rather Do

Thanks again:)

Oct 18, 2011

Rake The Fonts

oldjoeclarke said...
Hi Lizardson,

when you were so kind to post my music on your fantastic blog I was quite overwhelmed by how many people lended me their ears. I think my new collection of songs might be of interest for some of your readers. Just like the first one this consists of my own homerecorded songs. Mostly acoustic singer-songwriter stuff made by an amatueur with a vast record collection.

Summer's Dust & Autumn's Mud (2011)
01 A Place To Stay
02 Theory of Chaos
03 The Beauty That We See
04 Move Along
05 Bucketful Of Rain
06 River Take Away
07 Not A Home
08 Romania
09 Leather, Linen And Wool
10 Drunken Lament

DL (@192, artwork included)


Rake the Fonts - The Meaning Of Rake the Fonts
Rake the Fonts - Old School Troubadour

Love the track "Theory of Chaos", "The Beauty That We See" & "River Take Away" :)
Thanks as always:)

Oct 17, 2011

Ralph McTell

Easy (1974)
01. Take It Easy
02. Maddy Dances
03. Maginot Waltz
04. Sweet Mystery
05. Stuff No More
06. Teacher, Teacher
07. Truckin' Lil Baby
08. Run Johnny Run
09. Zig Zag Line
10. Let Me Down Easy
11. Would I Lie To You
12. Summer Lightning


Thanks to Ailis:)
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