Jan 2, 2011


Olympia Theatre, Dublin (August 18/23, 1980)

101. LADO 1- The Plains Of Kildare
102. Emigrants Farewell
103. Chattering Magpie & Lord McDonalds
104. As I Roved Out (Christy)
105. Nancy Spain
106. The Gold Ring
107. LADO 2- The Jolly Beggar - Reel
108. Set Of Reels
109. Kellswater
110. John O'Dreams
111. Three Jigs, Tierney's - Out On The Ocean - Pay The Reckoning
201. LADO 3- Johnny Cope
202. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
203. The Irish March
204. Smeceno Horo
205. LADO 4- No Time For Love
206. The West Coast Of Claire
207. The Good Ship Kangaroo



Anonymous Claude said...

Hi Fran,

I am a French guy as found as you of Planxty's music. Sorry if I do not speak Spanish.

First of all congratulations for all your works in Planxty's music. Very impressive!

I am used to make discographies for my own use only but I also provide data to people publishing discographies on the web.

About Planxty, you may have a look to Nick's site @ http://www.theballadeers.com/plx_01.htm .

You will find there some extra inputs for Planxty discography:
- Three Drunken Maidens/Sí Bheag Sí Mhór*: 45rpm 1972 Ruby RUB 152 (* different version in the Planxty album).
- Kertalg 73 LP (live recording: three tracks)
- Nyon Folk Festival 1979 LP: (live recording: 2 tracks).
- 1981 Christy Moore and friends Lp: 2 tracks by Planxty (not sure if the tracks are original ones)
- Easter Snow/The Knock Song: 1983 - WEA IR 9591 45rpm (Christy's 45rpm) with the four lads on one track and have a look to the name of one artist.
- Ordinary Man (Christy's CD and LP) 1985 with the four lads on one track also played by Planxty during the third coming.
- The Dutch compilation Irish Folk Festival (1986) only CD where TimeDance tracks are digitally officially available.
- The seville Suite CD by Bill Whelan (1992) with Timedance new version (by Andy, Donal and Liam)
- Christy's Box Set 1964 2004 CDs with 3 tracks by Planxty (a live one, a rehearsal and a already published one).
- Planxty's bootleg 2004-12-30 CD: Point Theatre. (excellent bootleg from the audiance)
- 2 DVD Comes West along the Road I and II with one track by Planxty each.

I own all these records, but some of them, bought in second hand, are too bad to be digitalized.

Happy New year 2011!
Best Wishes
Ps: only a little question about The Best of Planxty Live: why did you remove about 23 minutes (between tracks) from the original cassette?
PPS: as I don't know how to contact you, I try to post that message on some sites.

January 4, 2011 at 5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx frum urkenny

January 22, 2011 at 8:20 AM  
Blogger Fran Solo said...

Hi Claude,
If you want to contact me my email is:
I'm publishing in Avax, much of my collection of LPs:
Pd.: Regards Lizardson, visit me too.

August 12, 2011 at 12:00 AM  

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